Sistema de andamios Ringlock; Sistema de andamio general galvanizado

Descripción de Producto QSRound Universal Scaffolding has been examined by SP Swedish testing and research institute and comply with the European Standard SS-EN 12810-1&n

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Descripción de Producto

QSRound Universal Scaffolding has been examined by SP Swedish testing and research institute and comply with the European Standard SS-EN 12810-1


Product description

The universal scaffolding system QSRound is constructed by prefabricated steel components. Standards, ledgers, U-transoms, and diagonal braces that can be connected horizontally and vertically. Assembly rings are attached to the standards at a distance of 0.50m with eight connection points for assembly of ledgers and U transoms. The standards have the length of 0.5m to a maximum of 4.0m. Scaffolding bays come in length 3.07m,2.57m,2.07m and 1.57m. Horizontals are made in the same lengths and U transoms are 0.3m, 1.09m and 1.40m wide. All demensions are based on centre c/c between standards.



European Standard  

SS-EN 12810-1

Permissible loadload class 2-6(1.5-4.5kN/m2 )
Surface finishhot dipped galvanized 
MaterialQ345, Q235


Loading conditionsPlank all liftsOne working height  
Modular size          2.57x1.40m3.07x1.40m3.07x1.09m
Lift height 2.0m2.0m2.0m
Steel Plank24.0m load class 424.0m load class 324.0m load class 4
Alu-Plank Extruded24.0m load class 624.0m load class 524.0m load class 5

Ringlock Scaffolding System; Galvanized All-Round Scaffolding SystemRinglock Scaffolding System; Galvanized All-Round Scaffolding System

 Ringlock Scaffolding System; Galvanized All-Round Scaffolding System


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QS Round scaffolding(Ringlock Scaffolding, Galvanized)


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Cuplock Type Scaffolding Systems(Galvanized and Painted)


Formwork Frames(Galvanized and Painted)


Formwork Props(Galvanized and Painted)


Jacks-All types(Formwork & Scaffolding)


Fittings / Couplers (Forged / Pressed)


Scaffold Tubes(Galvanized and Black)


Scaffold Boards(Galvanized and Timber)


Formwork and Formwork Accessories


Aluminium Scaffolding


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